Children fashion competition for Harvest Festival

Organising chairperson for Children Fashion Contest, Josephine Chin- Pix BNN

KOTA KINABALU: The Kg Bambangan Inanam Harvest Festival on July 7 this year will feature a children fashion competition.

Organising chairperson for the event, Josephine Chin said the fashion contest will ensure children can participate in the Harvest Festival celebration which can be mostly adult oriented.

She said the fashion competition will showcase smart and casual fashion for children as well as party flavours.

“We have noticed that the children fashion competition in the past usually showcased traditional clothes and I believe that the event had helped to inculcate the love of our traditional attire in the children,” she said.

This year however the fashion competition is for smart, casual and party flavour fashion which is a change from the norm, she said, adding that this can enable more participation from children.

“We want children who do not have traditional clothes to compete. The true sense of children’s fashion will be empathised here. Children’s fashion besides being eye-catching, pretty and smart must be comfortable. The clothes worn should suit occasions,” she said, adding that the competition is not a ‘mini-unduk ngadau’ presentation.

The competition is open to both boys and girls, aged five to 10 years old. Boys can dress up in leisure wear and sports wear, or smart formal. Girls are encourage to showcase the  wide range of styles available for this gender. The participation forms are available at Limintai Cafe, near Gaya Utama, Jalan Minintod/Bambangan. A rehearsal for children participants will be held at the Kg Bambangan Village Hall (Balai Raya) on June 30, at 1pm.

Josephine encouraged parents with children aged accordingly to join in the competition not only to make the occasion merrier, but to encourage their children not to be ‘stage-shy’.  Attractive prizes awaits winners and all participants.

“As with all harvest festival, several other events have been lined up for the event and I am sure our guests and revelers will enjoy the programmes prepared,” she said.

Among the interesting activities that await visitors and revelers are traditional sports competition, best traditional food competition and best tapai competition. These competitions are held annually and quite popular with the residents here.

The stage events  are the Singing Competition, Children fashion competition, the Mature Ladies Contest for women aged 55 years and above and of course the highlight of the day is the Harvest Festival Beauty Pageant, or Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan. – ce/BNN