Food fest at Koposizon Homestay


Food buffs, connoisseurs and the general public are invited to Koposizon Homestay in Kampung Papaga, Papar to come for their 10th annual food fair on August 4, this year.

The fest will start at 8am and will feature several local traditional favourites such as hinava, ambuyat (sago), pinaasakan (boiled fish) and butod (sago grub). There will of course be many other types of food offered at the stalls for visitors.

William Lee- FB pix

Datuk Tengku Zainal Adlin, member of the board of director Malaysian Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB) is expected to launch the event.

This food fest is a very well known event at the village, where its homestay operators come together to cook and sell their traditional food to their guests and the general public at that time.

Food is one of their tourism product, where their guests are not only accorded an experience of living in a typical village and participating in the local’s lifestyle but also sample their traditional food.

The homestay offer many and various activities for their guests such as paddy planting, sunset walk, village walk, river cruise, fireflies watch and rubber tapping among others. Activities at home are learning traditional cooking, learning the local language and dancing the sumazau.

The village, Kg Papaga used to depend on its rice field for their sustenance in the past and nowadays it falls back on the local norms of that area that have been practiced since time immemorial.

Information on the homestay and the food fest may be acquired from its coordinator William Lee at 019 8622901.-ce/BNN