Airlines urged to support Government endeavour

Christina Liew
KOTA KINABALU: The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment was aware of the high charges imposed by some airlines during the holidays and long weekends,
Its Minister Christina Liew said the State Government was actively promoting the East Coast of Sabah, as a tourism destination and hoped that the airlines were supportive of the endeavour.
She said they wanted air travel to be more affordable so increasing the fare did not go with the Government’s plan.
Liew added that the public can avoid paying for expensive flights by planning their travels at least three months ahead or choose non holiday season.
Costly ticket prices to Sabah especially to the East Coast were reportedly seen online during the September long weekend break.
Liew said developing the East Coast as the second tourism hub needed the strong support from all sectors.
“As I have mentioned before we need to develop the tourism industry throughout Sabah, not just in Kota Kinabalu.”-pr/BNN