Warisan Youth excited with new party

Jasran (middle) with his friends showing off their support

KOTA KINABALU: Warisan Youth are excited with the new party and are working all out to recruit new members.

Youth Leader of Kg Sugud Penampang Ian Mahendra Krishnan, 30, said he was not hesitant to join the party after he listened to the leaders’ vision and mission.

He said that youth in Sabah have to fight for their rights in ensuring their economic and job opportunities are on par with their West Malaysian counterparts.

“We have been suppressed where this is concerned, for a long time and I believe that it is time for us to act,” he shared.

Ian Mahendra Krishnan

His secretary Pritchard Gumbaris, 42, of Kapayan agreed, although initially he was not enthusiastic about joining the party.

“I went to the meeting in shorts, that was how casual I was. When I heard the leaders speak, I realised that yes, this is a party that fights for everyone regardless of racial or religious background.”

Nurhisyam Safwan, 30, of Petagas said after seven months of being a member, he is very excited about the party’s ideology.

“This is a chance for us youth to come together as a team to realize our dreams of having jobs with good pay, on par with our West Malaysian counterparts,” he said adding that the job market should be opened for everyone.

Pritchard Gumbaris

“There should be no cronyism in the public agencies and even awarding of development contracts,” he stressed.

Jasran Elik, 26, of Kg Moyog Penampang joined Warisan as their leaders Darrel Leiking and Terence Siambun.

‘We followed them to join Warisan because we believe in their struggle to ensure that the youth of Sabah and Sabahans as a whole have better deals and opportunities economically,” he said.

According to him, he and his team are actively holding membership drives in his area.

All the interviewees hope that as soon as the party forms the Government,   it will look into the 20 points agreement and go by it. –CE/BNN