Allocate more funds in 2018-PBS

Goon Thien Shang
Goon Thien Shang

KOTA KINABALU: The young generation hopes the government will allocate more funds in Budget 2018 which will be tabled soon, to improve the internet lines in Sabah.

Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) Kawang Division deputy chairman Goon Thien Shang said good internet connectivity is top of the wish list for the young people.

“We are now living in the digital era and we will be lagging behind if our internet lines are not consistent,” said Goon yesterday when asked on the younger generation wishes in Budget 2018.

The government is promoting the digital free trade zone in Kuala Lumpur International Airport Aeropolis which is a logistic hub for e-commerce transaction, we hope a similar facility can be set up in Sabah too, so that the young people can partake, said Goon.

“Many villages in Sabah still enable to enjoy a seamless internet connection and they are frustrated when unable to contact their loved ones or friends, said Goon who received many complaints from his area.

“For instance, the internet lines are only strong in Papar but once we are outside of the town vicinity, the lines would be weak and suffer from interruption,” he cited.

And that was the reason, he said most of the people have two hand phones because they would switch to other service providers if the line is weak.

“The government need to improve the network system in the villages because now internet is a necessity for the people to communicate regardless the young or old,” said Goon.

He said the small and medium enterprises are also encouraged to market their products online and they will miss lots of business deals if the internet lines is weak.

He also urged the government to provide free wifi in the shopping complexes and airport for the convenient of visitors and locals alike to more add value to Kota Kinabalu as a popular holiday destination.

“Kota Kinabalu is going through an exciting period now, as there are so many tourists holidaying here. And it was timely for the government to build a sky bridge connecting Centre Point; Asia City, Api-Api Centre and Oceanus,” said Goon.

The air-condition sky bridge will keep the visitors safe from the traffic as in the past there were few tourists suffered from fatal accidents when crossing the road from Asia City to Centre Point, he said.

The PBS Kawang Division thanked the vision and aspiration of Chief Minister Tan Sri Musa Haji Aman for continuing to beautify the city and enhance its safety to become a main attraction for tourists, he said.

And in recent years, he said the city has also attracted international hotel brands such as Hilton, Mercure and soon to be opened J.W Marriot and Holiday Inn which is now under construction.-Moses Wong/BNN