Raising funds for the elderly and disabled

Some of the committee members from left to right, Maina Saimin, Catherine Paulus, Haslinda Milin, Normala Lim, chairman Zamrin and Abd Rahman Talib.
A representative of a donor Tan Teck Kiong @ Muhammad Ibrahim presenting the items to the Chairman (left)

KOTA KINABALU: An inaugural programme held by The Elderly and Disabled Association was to raise funds to go towards the less fortunate and elderly.

The event, a charity dinner, held by this association managed to raise funds to acquire several wheelchairs for the less fortunate  as well as food hampers and cash donations to the elderly, its chairman Md. Zamrin Bauk said.

According to him, the association was established in 2017 with members from all walks of life, including pensioners, entrepreneurs and the working community.

He said the sole purpose of the association was to help the elderly and the disabled as well as the impoverished by giving them assistance according to their needs.

“We usually visit the needy in villages and try to help as much as we can. Sometimes fellow members recommend these less fortunate people from contacts that they have,” he said.

The guest of honour (GOH) Joisin Romut (second left) the Political Secretary to Datuk Madius Tangau who represented him during the event with the organising committee

According to him, the charity dinner was organized with the sole purpose of raising funds to go towards the association’s work and they had initially set their goal for RM250,000.

“Unfortunately, we were not able to raise that much, but we still managed to collect a substantial sum. There were also generous individuals who donated to us in kind,” he said.

During the charity dinner, they gave away wheelchair to recipients. The event was attended by some 300 people.-BNN