Nothing embarrassing about being in opposition-Hajiji

Datuk Hajiji Haji Noor Sabah Umno Liaison Chairman

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Umno liaison chief Hajiji Noor says there is nothing shameful or embarrassing about being in the opposition as this was part of the democratic system.

Speaking at a party function organised by the Sabah Umno Puteri in Tuaran today, Hajiji said rather than feeling sorry for themselves, Sabah Umno, especially the Puteri, should restart its machinery and work to become a progressive and formidable opposition in the state.

“We want Puteri Umno to rise again and adapt to its role as an outstanding opposition. We cannot keep on lamenting about the past but be positive about the future.

“More importantly, all Puteri Umno members everywhere must carry out their responsibilities as well as possible in their respective constituencies.”

Hajiji, who is also Sulaman assemblyman, said although it is impossible to serve the people as well as they did when Umno was part of the government, Puteri Umno can still play its role, such as becoming facilitators and delivering information on current issues.

He said Puteri Umno must work together with Umno Youth and Wanita Umno so that each activity can be regulated better to reach the objectives.

“As the opposition party, we must prepare important information for the people so they can understand any current problems and issues.

“We must be able to explain to the people what is happening in the current administration, including the need to demand that the government uphold its election promises.”

He added the people cannot be lied to with false promises made during the previous election because as a government, Warisan must be responsible for each of the promises made in its election Manifesto.-By LSK/BNN