Watching culture and history on stage

Ken Wom

Experiencing the culture, tradition and history of a host country while visiting will not take a mere week or even a month, but it can be sampled in small doses through exposure.

The Borneo Night performance held daily at the Community Centre in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah is one such event that should be attended by every visitors and even the local community.

Spokesperson for the event, Ken Wom shares that he came up with the idea when he found out that there is no meaningful activities in Kota Kinabalu at night; besides the food and the watering holes. For people who want to watch something local, there is simply nothing for them.

“I believe the Borneo Night is the perfect package for them as they can see the people’s culture and history through creative stage presentations,” he shares adding that the stage performances performed by groups of talented young people can convey the message while entertaining the audience.

The stage performance starts by showcasing Sabah’s indegenious groups’ dances, that includes the Murut warrior dance and the magunatip. Later guests can participate in their dance. Photography buffs may also have a field day with the costumed groups.

The other performance is a depiction of British Colonization. It must be stated here that North Borneo (Sabah) was made a British protectorate in 1888 after being under a succession of European administrations.  The dance-drama on this matter may be an interesting performance to watch.

The next dance is Japanese invasion and occupation that dramatise the war, which occurred in this part of the world between 1942 and 1945.  Japanese Lieutenant General Masao Baba officially handed his sword as a sign of handover to Major General George Wootten during a ceremony at Layang-layang beach in Labuan on Sept 9, 1945.

After that dance, the talented dancers will perform Allied liberation and Independence. They should be a sight worth seeing.

Guests who attend the performances, will also be treated to a dinner of local cuisines, which is an experience in itself. They will also be accorded door gifts as souvenir that include premium instant bird nest, Tenom premium black coffee and amplang snacks.

Ken shares that the Borneo Night performances will be reviewed and upgraded periodically to suit market demand, adding that he wants to present the best to tourists to ensure return guests as well as ensure Sabah, the Land below the Wind, is remembered for more than its eco-tourism, islands, mountains and nature as a whole.

More information on Borneo Nights can be acquired from 016 8339244, 016 8053118 or 016 713 4931.-ce/BNN