KOTA KINANALU  :Parti Anak Negeri (Anak Negeri) has blasted Home Affairs Deputy Minister, Datuk Azis Jamman, for shifting the blame on Warisan’s plan to legalize 600,000 illegals to the previous BN administration.

He said Ajis whom he described as the chief architect of Warisan policy on illegals is obviously feeling the pinch of a political backlash and is now trying to shift the blame and mislead the people of Sabah.

“If indeed PSS proposal was BN’s original idea, it begs the question, why would Warisan adopt and implement doubtful policies already discredited and rejected by the Sabah voters in the last general election,” he asked.

According  to him,  Ajis claim that his Ministry is only adopting Barisan Nasionals original plan on illegal immigrants is nothing but pure fabrication, act of political hypocrisy and therefore totally unacceptable.”

Anak Negeri, Henrynus said, is demanding proof of Ajis bizzare claim that the previous BN state or federal government had actually planned to legalize all 600,000 illegals in the state.

“For that matter, he said Warisan’s Deputy President Datuk Darrel Leiking should comment whether or not he agreed with Ajis plan to legalize all 600,000 illegals overnight after June 2020.

“Darrel should either openly support the PSS proposal or use his position as Warisan Deputy President and a Federal Cabinet Minister to stop its implementation,” he said.

Henrynus revealed Anak Negeri’s preliminary finding suggest under the Immigration Act 1959/1963 no foreigner is allowed entry into the state without a valid passport as travel documents.

He said work pass or permit to enter the state is issued by the state authority only to qualified foreigners with valid passports who arrived in the state through approved ports of entry.

The PSS proposal in its present form, he said, is suspicious and discriminatory as it is highly unusual for the Home Affairs Ministry to give illegals in Sabah a 3-year renewable temporary pass when in fact all other foreign workers with valid passports are only given a one year work pass to be renewed annually.

He said it would be totally unfair if PH/Warisan’s PSS proposal were to favor the illegals far more than other Malaysians citizens from outside Sabah who are currently given only one year renewable work permit to work in Sabah.

“If indeed the PH Warisan government were to proceed with PSS under its current form which allow for the issuance of a 3-year renewable temporary pass to the illegals, the people of Sabah as concerned citizens must collectively act to stop the apparent attempt to legalize 600,000 illegals by June 2020.”

Henrynus warned the present PH/Warisan state administration against any unlawful act intended to circumvent the law to justify the issuance of renewable temporary pass to 600,000 illegals without requiring them to apply for a valid passport to be issued by their country of origins.

Anak Negeri, he said, will stand together with other Sabah political parties and the people of Sabah who are opposed to the inplementation of the PSS.

“We will initiate or support any legal action or court injunction, even an organized protest movement if necessary to stop the implementation of PSS in its current form,” he said in a statement today.-pr/BNN