RANAU: Parti Kerjasama Anak Negeri has described the overwhelmingly majority in favour of the opposition Barisan Nasional in the recently concluded Kimanis Parliamentary as a defining moment with a very powerful message to the Sabah State and Federal Government.
Its President, Datuk Henrynus Amin, said voters in Kimanis has spoken their mind and voted with a clear message to reject the proposed implementation of the Sabah temporary pass.
Henrynus congratulated the people of Kimanis for the high voters turn out which he said was indicative of strong public sentiments and the political under current against PSS.
He noted that Barisan Nasional has rightfully stood on an anti PSS political platform which galvanized public sentiment to give Barisan Nasional more than 2000 vote majority.
He  said both State and Federal Government must reflect deeply on the outcome of the Kimanis by election which he said was a true reflection of the popular sentiments of the vast majority of local Sabahans.
The outcome of the Kimanis by election underscores the urgent need for the State and Federal authorities to take a fresh look into the entire aspects of the proposed Sabah temporary pass, he stressed.
He said Sabahans generally perceived PSS as a plot to circumvent existing immigration laws to allow hundreds of thousand of Filipino transient population enter, work and remain in Sabah indefinitely without valid travel documents or passports issued by their country of origins.
“There is no doubt all Malaysians in Sabah support policies that would resolve problems related to the huge presence of transient population but the proposed PSS in its current form is unacceptable as it is deemed to be detrimental to the long term interest of all Malaysian citizens in Sabah.”
Henrynus therefore urged the State and Federal Government to strictly enforce existing immigration laws as viable means to control the illegals or alternatively at least review, change and refine the crucial elements of the proposed PSS to be acceptable to the people of Sabah. -pr/BNN