KOTA KINABALU :The Chinese Consulate in Kota Kinabalu donated 20,000 masks raised by China Tencent Corporation to Sabah State Government.

At the airport, Chinese Consul General Liang Caide handed the masks over to Datuk Christina Liew, the Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment.

Liang Caide said that this was the second batch of anti-epidemic materials donated to the state government after Chinese consulate donated 170,000 masks, protective clothing, goggles and other materials to Sabah state government last week.

In addition, there are a large number of materials such as hands sanitizer that have been unable to install the charter flights last week due to insufficient capacity, are still stranded in Guangzhou.

The Chinese Consulate will continue to spare no effort and find ways to raise urgently needed prevention materials from China and donate to Sabah, to provide Sabah with support and assistance in fighting the epidemic.
” In the face of the epidemic, we will be firmly with the people of Sabah, watch and help each other, to work together to overcome the outbreak,” Liang Caide said.-pr/BNN

Liang Caide
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