KOTA KINABALU: Leaders of the PTI friendly Warisan/Upko Sabah Government are oposing any solution to the illegal immigrant problem in Sabah simply because they want the PTI’s to stay.

That is why they want the Father of Project IC (Bapa Projek IC) to be Prime Minister again, said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan in responding to all the political attacks on him with regards to his statement on the IMM13 issue.

“The leaders of the ruling state government have the hidden agenda of trying to perpetuate and increase the PTIs in Sabah,” Dr. Jeffrey said.

“Are they so scared of losing power that they would resort to using the PTIs to retain power and inadvertently allow a reverse takeover a Sabah to happen?

“The Momogun leaders, accusing us the Momogun leaders in the federal cabinet being subservient to Perikatan Nasional, are in fact hypocrites because they are the yes-men leaders under the Warisan/UPKO government,” the Member of Parliament for Keningau added.

“Terence Siambun, Nelson Angang, Jack Nointin and Sipaun, who are all Momoguns, are working hard to condemn me to ingratiate themselves to their political masters in the state.”

The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture also said that they do so because they are now paranoid about losing their positions, and want to remain as part and parcel of this PTI friendly backdoor government “which is about to collapse, sink and drown.”

“Being hypocrites and paranoid, they have conveniently forgotten that by condemning me they are helping to hand over this beloved state to the Philippine government and please the fake claimants of the long-defunct Sulu Sultanate.

“They are opposing the idea of IMM13 as a means to resolve the long standing mother-of-all problem. But in reality they secretly want to issue PSS to all PTIs, a document that is renewable every three years forever,” he said.

“Thus PSS means eventual permanent residence and citizenship for the illegals, whereas IMM13 means a clear identification of illegals which will never make them citizens.

“Are they so short-sighted that they fail to see the connection between Bapa Project IC and how their leader have become CM?” Dr. Jeffrey asked.

“As such these Momogun leaders, Terence Siambun, Nelson Angang, Jack Nointin and Sipaun, who claim to fight for the future of their people, are in reality plainly stooges of Warisan and Bapa Project IC.

“Warisan is the party that opened up the registration of New IMM13 registration centres as proven by actual videos, and is accused of planned series of highly suspicious squatter fires,” Dr. Jeffrey said.

“It’s the party which offered land and an island to PTI’s and was registering PTIs to be given ICs as shown by recent discoveries. These include documents to be given and processed by JPN. We have the videos and documents to prove these.”

“It is the stance by STARSABAH that the current number of IMM13 be maintained, and that we do not agree to the issuance of anymore new IMM13 documents because that will further complicate matters,” he concluded.

“All new illegals should be deported as soon as possible, and we stand with the Minister of Home Affairs, Datuk Hmzah Zainuddin, who had vowed that there shall be no more PTIs in Sabah.”-pr/BNN