Warisan claiming credit for BN effort

KOTA KINABALU: The Warisan led government ought to be ashamed for once again claiming glory for programmes initiated under the previous state government.
Datuk Joniston Bangkuai, PBS Information Chief and Kiulu State Assemblyman said

it has been reliably learned that the recent handing over of land titles by the Warisan led government to village folks in several districts in Sabah including Keningau recently is the result of two programmes initiated by the Barisan Nasional government.

The two programmes, Sabah Native Land Services (Pantas) and Communal Grant programmes were efforts by the previous State Government, in collaboration with the previous Federal Government, aimed at expediting the application process of Sabah NCR land, he said.
According to him, if true, Warisan President Shafie Apdal ought to be embarrassed for only being good at officiating programmes that are ceremonial in nature, not at implementing the programmes or projects themselves.
“As such, the handing over of  land titles in Keningau recently and other districts since Warisan came to power is no different that the ribbon cutting ceremonies the party leaders have done for many BN initiated  projects,” he said adding that since Pantas was introduced in 2011, some 21,378 land lots with a total acreage of 36,137.02 hectares involving 92 villages throughout Sabah had been surveyed till December 2017.
The programme involved the districts of  Beaufort, Tuaran, Ranau, Kota Marudu, Sipitang Semporna, Beluran, Kinabatangan, Tongod, Nabawan, Papar, Kudat, Sandakan, Keningau, Lahad Datu and Tawau, he said.
“Back then, some 80 survey teams were involved RM20 million allocated to  carry out the work on the NCR land or land that had been inhabited and occupied by the natives since time immemorial.”
“I remember because in Kiulu, a total of 2,141 lots were surveyed by 29 teams formed by the Land and Survey Department in 2015 until 2017.”
Hence, the Warisan led government is once again misleading the people in claiming glory for the efforts of the previous  governments and its leaders, he further added.
“This is akin to the Malay proverb, “Lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama” which loosely translates to, “The bull gets the credit for the cow’s milk”. What is even more embarrassing is leaders like Shafie uses such occasions to discredit the previous government and its leaders, saying they were ineffective, corrupt and failed to help the people.”
“In an attempt to score political brownie points, he not only  claims credit for other people’s work but also takes the opportunity to rundown those very same people.
Shafie’s style of governing seems to be focused on blaming the previous government, belittling and hurling accusations against its leaders.”
“Perhaps it is time for the Warisan-PKR-DAP-UPKO government to step aside because instead of concentrating on administrating the state, its leaders are more interested in political trash talk everywhere they  go, ” he said.
This is ironic because based on recent developments, some of their leaders are not exactly  clean as a whistle, he concluded.-pr/BNN