KOTA KINABALU:Warisan candidate for Segama Mohammadin Ketapi’s statement that the Malaysian armed forces and police force were fighting with chickens and dogs during the Tanduo incident in 2013 is repulsive and an insult to the memories of the eight brave men who died protecting the country.

If not because of the effort of the security forces to ensure this land belongs to Malaysia, Mohammadin’s campaign trail would not have been possible, and he could not even move freely like what he is doing now.

If he could say this openly, imagine what he says in private when meeting with the voters. He must have had this idea in his mind for a while so much so he could speak with such careless arrogance in public and even uploading the video on his Facebook page.

It is also disheartening to hear gleeful cackles from those listening to his ‘joke’ about the Tanduo incident in the video. How easily people forget about other’s sacrifice so that they can live. Is this what Warisan is teaching their supporters? To belittle and sneer those who fought to secure Sabah’s borders from being overrun by those who want to claim this land as theirs?

Perhaps he thinks the armed forces work for political parties. His 22 months in the government as a full minister obviously showed he learned nothing about how the government works.

Mohammadin needs to be schooled and learn that the armed forces report directly to the King and have nothing to do with political parties, be it Barisan Nasional or Warisan. Does he think the Prime Minister has command of the military? Is that why Warisan is so desperate to hope their president is made the prime minister even if it means betraying their friends, PKR?

But then again that is the nature of Warisan leaders. Speak first, think later. What matters for them is to poison the people’s minds with as much filth as possible and ensure they remain divided, regardless of the consequences.

Their slogan of unity is hollow. The fact is, Warisan is the cause of all disunity. Their leaders have been indoctrinating their followers with he ‘We vs Them’ mentality since they launched their party 3 years ago. Today, families are divided because their supporters think those who do not support Warisan are evil and therefore must be cast aside.

Mohammadin thought he could unite the people by mocking the military and the police. Well, he is right about that one. People are united, but against him and even, the party he represents.

With leaders like Mohammadin, and even many others in Warisan, Sabahans should be wary that they go to the polls this Saturday with one purpose in mind: to oust this divisive party and send it to oblivion once and for all.-

Tan Sri Musa Haji Aman,              Kota Kinabalu.