SANDAKAN: MCA Sandakan division deputy chairman Raymond Wong has told Warisan candidate for Elopura Calvin Chong Ket Kiun to stop running from real issues.

According to Wong, Chong is diverting attention from his failures in his duties as the elected representative of the constituency for over two years.

“He has failed to improve the socio economy of the people and done practically nothing to address major issues faced by the constituents,” Wong said when met at the Sandakan MCA office on Wednesday.

Wong said Chong keeps telling the people he was approached by seven individuals to ditch Warisan and DAP, the many police reports lodged by him.

“I challenge him to reveal the names of those individuals or they are just fictitious characters he created for him to garner sympathy votes. Don’t just mention the figure, disclose their names if it is true,” he added.

Wong said Chong and his Warisan colleagues should not be harping on the “frog” and back door government issue because Warisan came to power back in May 2018 due frogs from UPKO. I wish to refresh his memory in case he has forgotten.

On the bankruptcy notice, Chong owed the people particularly Elopura voters an explanation on the actual reasons behind it. If he could not settle the sum which amounted to over a million ringgit before the last general election, how could he has done so within a brief period over 2 years after winning office, Wong pointed out.

“This is not a personal attack but rather something which Chong should be obliged to clarify because the people want an honest candidate to be their leader,” he said.

Wong said Warisan leaders also gave residents of People’s Housing Project (PPR) Taman Mesra and Taman Harmoni a false hope with the promise of allowing them to own the houses during the last general election.

Warisan leaders promised the residents they would get to own the houses through the “rent and own” scheme when Warisan came into power but until today, they are still paying monthly rental of RM 170, Wong continued.

“During our campaign walkabout, the residents are obviously frustrated, disappointed with the Warisan government for misleading them,” he said.

Unlike Warisan candidates like Calvin Chong , Barisan Nasional’s Chan Boon Thian who is contesting for the Elopura seat, has underlined his missions and visions for Elopura constituency which he will fulfilled if he is given the mandate on Sep 26, Wong pointed out.

Wong called on Calvin Chong and other Warisan leaders to stop running from real issues affecting the people especially in Elopura which they failed to address.-pr/BNN

MCA Sandakan division deputy chairman Raymond Wong