SANDAKAN: The application for the gazettement of Kampung Bokara in Karamunting was submitted in 2003 and the approval process is time consuming because there are many procedures that needed to be adhered to.

Former Kampung Bokara Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) chairman Mohd Azmir in disclosing this on Thursday said he was one of the village leaders who had pushed hard for the village to be gazetted.

“Yes, the application to gazette the land had been submitted since 2003. We were updated on the progress by the BN elected representatives for the Karamunting constituency back then,” he said.

According to Mohd Azmir, Warisan candidate George Hiew Vun Zin signed the “Aku Janji” during the 2018 General Election promising us the gazettement would be done within 100 days if he was given the mandate (then).
Hiew misled all of us as it did not happen during the time frame. We were upset because Hiew made that promise in black and white, and to the frustration of Kampung Bokara villagers he did not even bother to update us on the progress of the application, he added.
Although it has been gazetted now, from my knowledge the application was submitted in 2003 long before Warisan existed, and also Hiew failed to keep his promise to us, Mohd Azmir said.

“We are thankful that our village has been finally gazetted,” he said when met by media in Kampung Bokara.-pr/BNN

Former Kampung Bokara JKKK chairman Mohd Azmir