Enjoy nature at Nuluhon Garden


Nuluhon Garden is the place to go if you wish to enjoy the beauty of nature in its totality. As the beauty of nature does affect the senses profoundly, it is highly recommended for those who wish to get away from the hassle and bustle of city life.

A place to relax and enjoy nature

Nuluhon Garden is sited on a hill, just nearby the Kionsom Waterfall in Inanam. This site is actually just a few kilometres away from Inanam township but once one gets there, it feels so remote, due to the hills and forests around it.

To boot it the sound of the forest is not interrupted by vehicles of any kind. There are only the sounds of birds warbling and cicadas when the evening falls. And of course there is the sound of the waterfall nearby and the bubbling brook in the valley, just a few steps away from the Retreat House.

One of the rooms

The house is also surrounded by a fruit orchard comprising durian trees, rambutan trees and the odd Tarap and Cempedak trees. There are also banana groves around the vicinity. When one visits during the fruit season, it can be a real treat with all the various types of fruits available.

Spokesperson for the establishment, Edna Majimbun shared that the retreat which can accommodate up to 80 people at any one time, is open to everyone, but they can’t entertain walk in guests.

Edna Majimbun

She said that they encouraged guests to book in advance as their retreat is very popular with group check in, who stay there a minimum of one night two days to three months.

“Booking is better for our guests to avoid disappointment,” she said, adding that they only accept check in for a minimum of 20 pax as they have to cater food according to volume.

According to her, the food served complies strictly to guests’ requirement. The food is usually served buffet style, which may include noodles, rice vermicelli, bread, butter and marmalade for breakfast. For lunch the dishes may include meat, vegetables and rice among others. They will also serve vegetarian dishes upon requests. It is the same for dinner.

For those who wish to do a barbecue, they can do so by informing Edna. She can either help them to buy the ingredients and charcoal or the guests can purchase the items. However the expenses are not included in the initial cost. It is extra for the guests.

As all establishment goes, the house has good spacious accommodation and facilities for gatherings, meetings and seminars. There is an outdoor, natural swimming pool for those who wish to indulge in a cool dip.

Their guests nowadays are no longer just locals, but also international arrivals. These include West Malaysians, Indonesians, China, Taiwan and Singapore as well as some from the United States and Australia.

The natural pool

These groups are mostly on retreat; mostly religion groups such as the Catholic, Basel and SIB churches as well as from Buddhism and yoga group.

One of the most consistent arrivals who stay in the retreat annually is a Yoga group.

According to one of the member, they like staying in Nuluhon Garden as it is peaceful and conducive for meditation.

He shared that the environment is beautiful and the management is an ideal Catholic family who cares for his group.

He also loves the food, he said and has since been coming back to enjoy the hospitality, the food and the ambiance.

According to him, his group of people comes from as far as Europe, United States, Turkey and Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore among others.

So for those who wish to spend their vacation in a quiet peaceful surrounding, they should check into Nuluhon Garden for a few days.  The warbles of birds, the sound of wind soughing over the treetops, the bubbling stream and the thundering waterfall nearby can soothe the senses. Just make sure to book in advance, for this place is quite popular. Just email nuluhongarden@gmail.com for information.-ce/BNN