A Tasty halloween celebration at Venition

Nasi Lemak King

Halloween celebrated on October 31 is an ancient festival celebrated by the Celtic people about 2000 years ago where they believed that the dead could walk among the living at this time. During this festival they called Samhain, the living could visit with the dead. Celtic refers to the cultures of  the people of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man and Brittany as well as Cornwall.

This was later called Halloween and became a celebration in October where children go in costume from house to house, asking for treats as it is usually associated with trick-or-treating, a customary activity for most children during that day where they go from house to house asking ‘trick or treat’. Usually they get treats of candies and chocolates instead of trick as that would imply that the house owner wanted them to cause mischief.

In this part of the world, though, Halloween is an excuse for gatherings and dress up parties. Mostly, families go out for dinner at that time. It is a time of bonding instead of the sombre connotations of the ancient times in a land far away. However, in this time of globalisation, celebrating any festivities of every kind is a norm.

Zombie’s eyes

Tasty Wok at Venition, sited at Jalan Lintas, Lido is offering interesting food in conjunction with Halloween. Diners have a chance to dine on something that looks weird but taste nice. Just the thing one would have for this occasion.

The two items that should really be ordered and tried are the Zombie’s Eyes and The Chuncky Returns. The Zombie’s Eyes are just that, two meat balls decorated to look like eyes sitting on a plate of spaghetti with lots of sauce. An interesting looking dish that’s quite delectable.  Chuncky Returns is a capsicum stuffed with spaghetti. It looks like a green head with yellow hair and bloody eyes and mouth. Nice effect.

Other than that diners who are not adventurous enough to poke chuncky’s eyes out, can order the Nasi Lemak King, which is a huge platter of rice, chicken hard boiled eggs and poppadum crackers. The sambal or dipping sauce for this dish is very delicious which helps enhance the taste of the rest of the combination. Diners can order the side dish of eggplant and long beans, that are also accompanied with dipping sauce.

Tasty Wok offers many and various dish that includes the popular Cantonese style dim sum. Breakfast here can be a dining experience. There is also an array of beverages for diners to choose from. It is a cosy restaurant that can accommodate some 120 diners. it is open from 8am to 12 midnight.

Infomration can be acquired from 088 728188.-ce/BNN