PCB to embark on fish farming

Arsit (2nd left) exchanging documents with Liang watched by Abdullah and Lau

KOTA KINABALU: Permodalan Capital Berhad (PCB) through its subsidiary PCB Biotech Sdn Bhd has embarked on a fish farming project called Smart Aqua Farming Systems.

PCB Chairman Datuk Haji Arsit Hj Sedi said it is the first of its kind in indoor fish breeding solutions with a combined technology of Australia, Japan and China.

The systems will allow for a full automated indoor farming environment using a compact floor space of around 6000 square feet with an annual harvest of around 15tonne of Hybrid Grouper Fish with mortality rate of less than 5%, he stated.

The Smart Aqua Farming Systems can be conditioned to breed both fresh water and marine fish, he said.

“The advantage of using Smart Aqua Farming Systems is that it is fully automated and eco-friendly, non-chemical, non-polluted, cost-effective and time-effective aquaculture systems.”

“Kota Kinabalu, Sabah is deemed to be the ideal site for the installation of the first set of Smart Aqua Systems.”

The systems will be used to breed Hybrid Tiger Grouper fish which is in great demand in China, according to him.

The fish will require eight Weeks to 10 months of breeding period until they reached the minimum weight of 800gram weight per fish before being exported to China, he said.

“This is in collaboration with FOSHAN WINBAN DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. of China, a company specialized in distribution of marine products in China.”

Arsit said, PCB Biotech Sdn Bhd will enter into a Contract Purchase Agreement with Foshan Winban Digital Technology Co Ltd where Foshan Winban Digital Technology Co Ltd will guarantee purchase of all harvest of Hybrid Tiger Grouper fish cultivated by PCB Biotech Sdn Bhd using the Smart Aqua Farming Systems.

“Our company will also expand the fish breeding by installing multiple sets of Smart Aqua Farming Systems in Sabah a tond throughout Malaysia to meet the ever growing demand of marine fish in international market especially China and to reduce the dependency on open sea commercial fishing.”

During the signing ceremony PCB Biotech was represented by Datuk Hj Arsit Bin Hj. Sedi @ Sidek and witnessed by Datuk Hj Abdullah Bin Sibil while Foshan was represented by Ms Liang Fang, witnessed Mr Low Yuh Wen.-By LSK/BNN