Ex-UMNO YBs urged to pledge allegiance to CM

Jo Nandu
KOTA KINABALU: Sabah’s ex Umno YBs who have been accepted to join Bersatu should pledge their allegiance to the Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal.
Jo Nandu,  Chairman of a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) from Penampang known as Pergerakkan Pemantau Sukarelawan (Pantau Penampang) said the ex-Umno YBs must prove to Sabahans that they are aligned with the State Government’s decisions particularly in relation to Sabah’s rights and interests.
“There is no way for anyone to stop Bersatu from coming into Sabah and accept these ex Umno YBs to join that party because that is undemocratic. However, Bersatu Sabah and these ex UMNO YBs must prove it to us all that they’re free from the Malay or Malaya supremacy concept, the way PKR Sabah and DAP Sabah have shown to Sabahans through the many tests they have gone thru,” he said in a statement released today.
Jo said that since Warisan and PH Sabah now commands the two third majority in the State Assembly, he expects these ex Umno YBs to strengthen the demand by Warisan to Federal in pursuing Sabah’s rights and privilleges.
“What I expect is that if any of the State Assemblyman from Warisan, PKR or DAP table a motion with regards to the activation of Sabah’s rights on wide range of issues particularly on Article 8 of the MA63 and on Territorial Sea Act 2012, these ex Umno YBs will be supportive to such endeavors.”
“After all, the President of Bersatu, Tun Mahathir had clearly stated that Bersatu entered Sabah and accepted these ex Umno YBs to strengthen the Chief Minister’s, Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal’s position.”
“Since the restoration and activation of Sabah’s rights and privilleges should be spearheaded by the State Assembly and it is in congruent with the aspiration of Sabahans, then I see no reason at all for these ex Umno YBs not to support such endeavors,” he said.
He also reminded the ex-Umno YBs that they are now obliged to assist the Chief Minister in developing the State.
“Some of these YBs have held ministerial positions for more than two terms and partly responsible in coming out with policies or systems that have never benefited the State such as the much hated Communal Title system. And on top of it, if they have been good ministers, then Sabah would have been now is one of the most developed State in Malaysia.”
“These ex Umno YBs should not expect to be welcomed as ‘heroes’ but instead realize that they have been given the chance to redeem themselves for their past failures and to render full assistance to the Chief Minister or State Cabinet (whenever the need arises) towards the restructuring of the State Government.”
“Any plan or effort to strengthen the State Government is very much welcomed but it should be fair and taking into account previous performances of these individuals,” he said.
Jo also said as a matter of principle and to ensure that there shall be no more erosion of the State’s rights and privileges in  future, Bersatu should be clear that Warisan must retain the rights for the majority of the seats in Sabah.
“Of course people will say that this is impossible to achieve because of the idea that only the best representatives and those with deep pockets should represent their constituencies but history told us that Umno’s governance of 24 years in Sabah had made us the poorest in Malaysia.”
“However, we equally cannot adopt the stand made by PBS back in the 90s because that will bring our State into an economical mess. So I think it is necessary for us all to iron this out now with Bersatu Sabah signing an understanding with Warisan, PKR Sabah and DAP Sabah that Warisan shall holds the exclusive rights for the majority of the seats,” adding that this will strengthen Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal’s position in administrating the State.
He however opined that the entrance of Bersatu into Sabah and the acceptance of ex Umno YBs is good for everyone.
“The good side of this is the promotion of healthy competition. And from this ‘competition’, Warisan leaders and party members will definitely close ranks and this is turn shall strengthen the party. Bersatu may had reneged on its promise not to enter into Sabah but I don’t really see why Sabahans should be wary about it.”
“For me, this only serves to remind Warisan leaders and members to work even harder and to perform their best for Sabah,” he concluded.-pr/BN