With nature in comfort at Mantanani Island


Often times, as we slog on with our daily hustle and bustle of life, we imagine going on a vacation. Most of us will think of a long pristine beach on an exotic island, where the waves crash to the beach, reaching for our browning legs.

The gentle breeze rustles the palm fronds above, even as the sun rays sparkle through the leaves. Their shadows dapple the sand in patterns that inspire prose or even a poem or two.

One might think of Oahu with its beaches, but one need not look so far away. Just hop on a boat and head for Mantanani Island. This island is actually one of three islands off Kota Belud in the north-west coast of Sabah.

Sojourning with nature need not be rough living though.  Go and stay with the Sutera@Mantanani which is an oasis of comfort among extraordinary natural wonders and rich marine life.

It’s a welcoming feature on the sun-drenched island, where even its lobby give one the welcoming atmosphere with wide open windows and spacious entrance. You can actually lounge around and enjoy the soothing breeze from the South China Sea.

The chalets are comfortable chalets, located just steps away from the beach. They are equipped with private balconies to let you and your loved ones experience the soothing sea breeze from the South China Sea.

Beach Chalets are minimalistic yet cosy and you can spend the day either at the beach or at the balcony. Take that well needed nap or read a book; bottom line is enjoy the day.

Deluxe accommodations for families are also available, with necessary amenities available. Fully air-conditioned, they are most comfortable for families with children. You can enjoy the ocean views through the see-through windows and gaze at the surrounding islands.

Sutera@Mantanani offers local and international-style cuisine, so you can enjoy your nostalgic staples from home or have a taste of island life when you’re feeling adventurous!

Food is not a problem as you can enjoy both international gastronomy and local cuisine at their Beach Restaurant.  Guests can opt to dine in air-conditioned comfort or enjoy their meal at the foyer outside the café.

After a while, you might want to do more than enjoy the sun and sand.

Go snorkeling; dive in the crystal clear waters and enjoy the abundance of fascinating aquatic life swimming in the waters. You may get to see countless species of fish and other sea life as you swim through the water.

You can also pack your camera and let their Sunset Tour take you to a spot on the island, where you can see the bright orange, red and yellow hues of the setting sun.  It is a very nice way to end the day; a splendid sunset followed by the light of a wan moon.

There are other activities that can make your day enjoyable and memorable. They  beach sports and indoor games too.

You can also enjoy a peaceful afternoon, fishing at a deserted island or learn how to fish like the local fishermen. Intrepid adventurers can head out to deeper waters and sail the high seas on a big game fishing excursion for the ultimate thrill.

Sometimes, if you are lucky, you may witness one of world’s most spellbinding natural phenomena – the bioluminescence or Blue Plankton. This amazing visual effects that border on the supernatural will definitely be one of the most memorable experiences ever.

And if you are an avid star-gazer, open your eyes and find yourself on a magnificent island during the wee hours of the morning, far from intrusive city lights, under a breathtaking canopy of shimmering stars.

What’s more interesting is that you can actually witness these wonders that lights up the early sky of Sutera@Mantanani, with your naked eyes, without the help of a telescope. So if you feel like you need to get away for a while, go to Mantanani Island and refresh yourself. You may well become a regular.

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