Ex-Umno leaders can return to the fold but as normal members

Ismail Sabri (middle) with with Yakub and Jainab (3rd right)

KOTA KINABALU: Former Umno leaders who left the party and wish to come back will not be bestowed their old posts in the party.

Umno vice-president Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the crop of new leaders are currently very enthusiastic as compared to former leaders who might have been holding their posts for many years.

As such, former party members and leaders  will have to reapply to come back into the fold, and when approved they will be considered new members, he said.

Speaking to reporters after officiating the Sepanggar Umno delegates’ meeting, Ismail said there have been instances of former leaders who voiced their wish to return to Umno, with one particular leader who had actually returned to the fold.

“Of course anybody can join Umno but they have to follow the rules. Umno  should not be treated like a hotel where they can check in and out. There are rules to adhere to,” he said, adding that even some MPs have voiced their wish to return to Umno.


Ismail also said that Umno Sabah is thriving well despite the exodus of most of its senior leaders into another party, including the women and youth wing.

“Those that stayed in Umno did well, carrying out their duties without pause and holding meetings at branch levels,” he said.



On Sabah Umno’s granting of full autonomy, he said there will be discussions between the national leadership and State Supreme Council members to determine their needs, while the party constitution will have to be amended to accomodate this eventuality. The meeting is expected to be held in November.

Also present during the event was Datuk Haji Yakub Khan UMNO Malaysia Supreme Council Member, UMNO Penampang Chief Datuk Hasnol Ayub and UMNO Sabah Woman Chief Datuk Dr Hajah Jainab Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Ahmad Ayid who is also Sepanggar UMNO Woman head.-BNN