Severe punishment for involvement in issuance of fake IC

Ceasar Mandela Malakun

KOTA KINABALU: Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (BERSATU) Sabah Armada Deputy Chief, Ceasar Mandela Malakun has condemned the action of those behind the syndicate of creating MyKads using fake identities.

“The National Registration Department (NRD) officers caught in this syndicate have betrayed the people of Sabah and Malaysia with their actions.

“As government officers, they are supposed to uphold the law and work with integrity. By using fake identities to create genuine MyKads, they have enabled many bogus Malaysians to roam free and rob the benefits of rightful citizens,” said Ceasar in a statement today.

He added that the issue of fake identity cards have been rampant for many years and the fact that this new syndicate has been busted shows that the syndicates have not slowed down in their efforts to produce dubious identification.

“Imagine these bogus Malaysians using their MyKads to register as voters. That would cause a huge upset in election results.

“With fake MyKads, they can even get access to our health care and this would cause the government millions in revenue because rightfully, these people should pay the full cost at government hospitals,” he added.

Ceasar also called on the authorities to impose strict punishments according to the law to whoever was caught in this syndicate.

“They have tampered with our constitutional right. They should be severely punished to serve as a deterrent so that others would not do the same,” he said.

It’s an act of treason, a grave injustice to the genuine citizens of Sabah and to the country. There are people who are real Sabahans who has children born in Brunei before 1963 and their children (who are already grandparents now) are still holding Red ICs, unable to get blue IC due to whatever legal complications required by the authorities .

There are also the foreign husbands and wives (spouses) of real Sabahans who had studied or worked overseas and returned home and had applied for citizenship for the spouses and children but were not readily given.

It is really strange and ironic that PTIs on the other hand, are able to get IC so easily and become instant citizens who can immediately qualify as voters due to them being in possession of the Blue ICs, all thanks to the connivance & treasonous  action of some  officers & staff at the NRD  who are gready for money and give instant citizenships to non qualified & non bona fide foreigners .

In the future , these people will become financial burdens to the government when those foreigners take advantage of free public facilities such as medical care , education and so on  . They can later may even become real security risks if they can infiltrate or become enlisted into the police force , the military or in other sensitive Govt agencies . This can or may certainly endanger the future security and well being of the country .-pr/BNN