Anifah will not defend Parliamentary seat

Dato' Sri Anifah Haji Aman -Wiki

KOTA KINABALU: Datuk Seri Anifah Aman will not be contesting in the Kimanis by election.

The Election Commission on 16th December 2019 had called for a by-election to be conducted in his former constituency of P176 Kimanis following the Federal Court decision against the Commission in contravening election laws during the last general election.

In a statement issued today, he said he disagreed with the Federal Court decision but accepted the finality of the court process afforded to him.

“As a victim of the ineptitude and carelessness of the Election Commission; I, on the advice of my lawyers will institute legal proceedings against the Election Commission for damages in the days ahead,” he stated.

“This is an emotional moment for me not to contest in this by-election,” he said, stressingthat he reaffirmed his belief that the carelessness of the Election Commission had caused undue inconvenience to the rakyat in Kimanis and unwise expenditure of taxpayers money.

“I will however,contest again in P176 Kimanis in PRU 15.”

“It was an honor for me to serve my constituents in Kimanis .During my 3 terms as their member of parliament I endeavoured to perform to the best of my abilities to bring development to the people of Kimanis irrespective of their political ideologies and racial backgrounds,” he said adding that as Foreign Minister of Malaysia for nine years, he took pride in representing Sabah and Malaysia walking tall among world leaders in the many meetings and international fora.

He said in the days ahead he will focus his efforts to unite the various political forces in the State to work what is right for the people of Sabah.

The challenges facing the State of Sabah and the country are numerous and if not addressed properly will threaten the security and the well-being of the state and country, he said. –pr/BNN