Desperate Moves by Desparado Warisan and Its Mouthpiece – STARSabah

Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan

KUALA LUMPUR: “The heat from the swirling news that the Warisan-led government in Sabah will collapse and be taken over by PPBM-PN coalition must be getting on the nerves of the Warisan leaders and its unethical and unreliable mouthpiece” said Edward Linggu, Strategic Director of Parti Solidariti Tanah Airku (STARSabah), in a press statement.

In their desperation to avoid the imminent collapse, Warisan leaders have lost their bearings and their logical thoughts and make desperate moves to shore public support. Their leader must be even more desperate hidden behind closed doors, perhaps contemplating a dissolution of the State Assembly to prevent their representatives from jumping their sinking lepa-lepa vessel.

The Warisan KDM leaders who have responded to the Forum proposed by Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan (pictured) to get feedback from the stakeholders and the public have obviously forgotten what their Warisan-led Sabah government have been doing.

It was the Warisan people who had openly gone round getting foreigners to apply for ICs and getting them to swamp the immigration authorities in extending the IMM13 and granting of new ones to the descendants and newcomers. Photographs and videos were widely viralled in social media during those times.

It was also during the Warisan regime that there is no concerted effort to nab the foreigners roaming all over Sabah, many selling drugs and contraband cigarettes. They do no fear the police who appear to be foreigner-friendly and do not run helter-skelter whenever the police approaches unlike during the BN-era.

It is a fact reported by ESSCOM that during the Warisan government, there were weekly arrests of foreigners trying to sneak into the East Coast of Sabah. It is not surprising given the policies of the Sabah government being pro-PTI and pro-foreigners with the CM himself announcing that an island is being proposed to house these newcomers.

The policies are just like an open invitation for the foreigners to come into Sabah.

The people in Sabah especially the genuine Sabahans can judge for themselves whether the Warisan Secretary-General is telling the truth that the Warisan-led government and their then Deputy Home Minister is trying to resolve the illegal immigrants’ issue or is prioritizing and welcoming them. He should also stop blaming Dr. Jeffrey falsely for them.

He should also read word for word and fully understand Dr. Jeffrey’s full statement on the Forum and check what his government had been doing before pointing his fingers at Dr. Jeffrey

Similarly, the response by the Warisan Treasurer-General establishes that his Warisan-led government has been a failure and failed to perform its duties as the government of Sabah and failed to look after the interests of Sabah and Sabahans.

On the issue of revenues and Sabah’s 40% constitutional entitlement, the Treasurer-General should ask his President who is the Chief Minister why the Sabah government had only agreed to accept RM53.4 million in lieu of the actual 40% which runs into billions of ringgit a year.

He should also ask both his President and Deputy President what have happened to their PRU-14 promises to collect the RM1.0 trillion arrears that Sabah is due on the 40% from 1974. And also on their boasts that there is nothing to negotiate on Sabah’s rights including its oil with their promise that when Warisan forms the government, they will take 80% of the oil revenues and leave 20% for Petronas and the Federal government. What have they achieved? Isn’t it nothing achieved?

Then the Treasurer-General should search his soul and ask whether his President, Deputy President and other leaders in the Sabah government are incompetent, ineffective and weak leaders as they do not seem to be able to impress their Malaya masters in Pakatan Harapan when it comes to the Sabah oil and revenues issues.

On the PTI issue, he seems to think that Sabahans will not benefit much from the proposed Forum and no reason to listen to the voice of the people. If such was the case, why then did the Warisan government listened to the voice of Sabahans in the Kimanis by-election. They immediately revoked the issuance of the PSS for foreigners after the people had rejected it which resulted in Warisan’s loss in the by-election.

He should forget about boasting the presence of the 3 full ministers and 2 deputies in the then PH federal government. They were paper tigers and did nothing for Sabah except for the deputy home minister who did his best to benefit illegal immigrants and supported many in their applications for ICs.

His then law minister rejected the issuance of a Sabah IC and tried to hoodwink MPs into supporting a non-effective amendment to the Federal Constitution which any lay-person will tell did not restore Sabah and Sarawak as equal partners to Malaya and which he as a lawyer could not tell the difference.

He can belittle Dr. Jeffrey’s position but it does not detract from the fact that Dr. Jeffrey sits on the same table as the PM and the other 4 leaders of the PN components as a component party leader and not as deputy minister. This is much more superior than his president who is a nobody in the official Pakatan Harapan set-up as Warisan is not officially a component of PH.

For the record, Dr. Jeffrey proposed the third objective of the PN charter to strengthen the spirit of the equal partnership and togetherness between Sabah, Sarawak and the Peninsular to realize the aspirations of and objective of MA63 with aspirations added by Dr. Maximus Ongkili. It was unanimously accepted by the Honourable Prime Minister and the other leaders of PN. What has the Warisan government achieved on this other than the pseudo-amendment to a false equal partnership?

The Warisan leaders should now re-compose themselves and adjust themselves to the “new normal” as opposition when the collapse of the Sabah government happens and not make any more malicious accusations against Dr. Jeffrey.-pr/BNN