KOTA KINABALU: In his haste to challenge Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan without thinking deeply, ex-Deputy Home Minister, Azis Jamman, has slapped himself and indirectly challenged his own Chief Minister, Shafie Apdal, to send back illegal immigrants and undocumented foreigners, Strategic Director of STARSabah, Edward Linggu said.

Speakinv in response to Azis’ challenge to Dr. Jeffrey to repatriate the illegals, Edward said by agreeing to send back the illegal foreigners, Azis is caught with his own spit in his face akin to the Malay proverb “meludah ke langit, jatuh ke muka sendiri”.

“He is acknowledging his own failure during his 22 months tenure as Deputy Home Minister as he did not take concerted action to send them back.”

Instead, with the Sabah government, they initiated the PSS for IMM13 holders, Kad Burung-burung and Kad Bancian, which were all categorized as foreigners, and also applicable for other undocumented foreigners, Edward stated.

“As he himself acknowledged in both Houses of Parliament, the PSS was valid for an initial period of 3 years and renewal indefinitely and holders were eligible to apply for citizenships. In no time the PSS will cause Sabah to be over-run by foreigners who already currently marginally outnumber locals.”

Perhaps, it was the Warisan’s covert plan to allow foreigners to takeover Sabah and leaving the original natives to be the minority who may end up just like the Orang Asli in Malaya or the original Red Indians in North America, languishing in their own homeland, Edward opined.

Luckily the people of Sabah spoke up against the PSS and the voice was translated by the voters in the recent Kimanis by-election in beating the Warisan candidate soundly. As a result, the Sabah government requested the Federal government to cancel the PSS.

Azis should now review his and the State’s decision to implement the PSS and which they subsequently agreed to revoke it instead of taking the step to repatriate the foreigners to their home countries, Edward added.

He should also ask himself why he chose to lie that the Philippines government did not agree to take back their citizens when President Duterte agreed with then PM Najib to take back their people from Sabah.

Blaming the BN government or Dr. Jeffrey does not solve the illegal immigrants’ problem.

“He had the power and his Warisan-led government, which is still in power albeit not for long, did not take the action of repatriation, which he now challenges Dr. Jeffrey to take?” queried Edward.

Instead of trying to find fault with STARSabah’s proposed Forum to find the way forward to a long-term solution to the illegal immigrants’ problem, he has exposed his own fault.

Azis now has also exposed the fault of his de facto Chief Minister and the Warisan-led Sabah government and indirectly challenges them to repatriate the illegal immigrants, Edward stated

” Why is Shafie and his government keeping silent and refusing to act to arrest the illegals and repatriate them?”

He and almost every genuine Sabahan knows the real answer.

As the de facto Chief Minister, Shafie is the Chairman of the State Security Council and empowered to order the arrests of illegals and deport them.

“Why is there no large scale rounding up of the illegals and deportation of them?” asked Edward.

Shafie could call up former Chief Minister Tan Sri Chong Kah Kiat and learn a few tricks from the latter. Many Sabahans have praised Tan Sri Chong as the best Sabah Chief Minister for his concerted effort in detaining illegals all over Sabah and deporting them in large numbers.

” Instead under the rule of Warisan and their stooges, PKR and DAP, and frogs from Upko, illegals are roaming all over Sabah including in the interiors. Some are openly selling drugs and contraband cigarettes within sight of the police as though as alleged by others, the police were directed to close one eye on the presence of illegals and their activities.”

“Both Azis and Shafie owe a good explanation to the good people of Sabah now that Azis has agreed to the detention of the illegals and deporting them. I challenge them to explain this to the Sabahans” said Edward concluded.-pr/BNN