Rusdin refutes news on online portal

Rusdin Riman-FMT

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah State Treasurer, Rusdin Riman said the State Financial Report for 2018 indicated a slight increase from the previous year but the amount will not be announced until after it has been audited.

The increased amount however, does not include debts that are due to be paid in 2019.

An online news report with the headline “Sabah leader now says state added over RM4b to reserves” is therefore not true and totally misleading.

What was actually stated by Rusdin was: “Kalau kita lihat kepada laporan kewangan, okay laporan kewangan pada tahun 2017 dia hampir 4 bilion dan Insya Allah kita sudah selesai menyediakan penyata kewangan tahun 2018 dan ada peningkatan sedikit, Insya Allah. Tapi saya tidak boleh nyatakan sebab ianya belum lagi di audit so we cannot reveal the figure but definitely there will be an increase.”

Literally translated he meant, “If we look at the financial report, okay the financial report on 2017 it is almost 4 billion and, God willing, we have completed preparing the financial report for 2018 and there is a slight increase. But I cannot state it because it has not been audited yet so we cannot reveal the figure but definitely there will be an increase.”

Rusdin said for the reporter concerned to write that the State added over RM4b to its reserves was a figment of her imagination.

“It is definitely not true that the State grew its reserves by over RM4 billion last year,” stated Rusdin in a statement on Tuesday to rebut reports.-pr/BNN