The Magellan Sutera’s offerings


One of the best places to stay in, in Kota Kinabalu is  the Magellan Sutera Resort, a posh  5-star luxury resort at the seafront. This establishment’s grand entrance and lobby area is very huge and spacious, that one almost feels overwhelmed. It is supposed to represent a longhouse resembling those of the northern tribe of North Borneo, the Rungus.
A recent visit  and two night stay at the Resort was a tremendously relaxing experience. The day started with us checking into a superior deluxe room, twin sharing. It was a spacious room and very pleasant. They had also kindly left us a fruit basket. I always look forward to this little gift when I check into hotels. It gave a personalised touch to a splendid but otherwise impersonal setting.
The room had a balcony, and a pair of seats, to allow one to look out into the blue sea in front of the resort. This somehow gave me a sense of being away from home, on a vacation relaxing in a luxurious hotel somewhere. This added on to the feeling of ease and peace.
Before checking in though, we had to go through the new normal where they apply the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP). An officer was at the main entrance with a thermometer and hand sanitisers, to ensure that everyone entering the establishment was healthy.
After checking in we had a nice afternoon resting in the room and watching a little bit of TV. Very good reception and the WiFi was awesome. However the weather outside; the beautiful day, blue sky and blue sea with refreshing breeze from the ocean were tempting enough, so we meandered off to the lawn and walked along the walkway. This by the way was also the path to where we would dine that evening, The Al Fresco.
We admired the impending sunset, so glorious in its setting and then took a seat at the restaurant. The extensive menu there could cater for anybody’s needs, actually, with its meats and chicken as well as seafood. We chose the beef and chicken roll as well as paella. It was not only delicious but filling as well.
After the sumptuous meal, we took a slow walk around the property , pausing every now and then to look at the sea, where the last radiance of a sunset blazed before night fell.  It was a start of a wonderful sojourn in that 5-star hotel. For those who are interested to have a few days of rest and relaxation, get their package ‘Cuti Cuti ke Sabah’ at RM320 nett, a 3days 2night stay. Information can be acquired from 0178335300 (Haleeza) or 0178130866 (Evian.)-BNN