SANDAKAN: Barisan Nasional (BN)’s candidate for Karamunting state seat , Dato’ Chew Kok Woh assured voters he will be here for them if he becomes their elected representative.

According to Chew, he strongly believes in getting close to the grassroots in order to truly understand their problems.

“I am not going to send representatives to meet my constituents. I will be there for them personally, so that their voices, their concerns, problems and needs would reach me directly. I must be there, I must be present for them,” he said.

Chew said a lot of locals in Karamunting have raised concerns that their elected representative is going to ‘disappear’ from them, and leave their officers to attend to their problems, to a point their grouses don’t even reached the assemblyman and are never solved.

“They told me that this has been happening with past elected representatives. I assure them, that is not the way I work and I will be here for them,” he said.

Chew also said that he is going to reveal his manifesto through a video in a couple of days.

He said this when met at his walkabout session in Kampung Pukat here, Tuesday.

On another note, Chew said Karamunting needs a proper and thorough development plan.

“We cannot just say we are going to develop Karamunting, with no proper planning. It wouldn’t work. For example, Karamunting does not have even one residential housing…not even one. So all these need detailed planning, which I am going to present to them,” he said.

Chew, 59, currently holds the position of Batu Sapi MCA division chairman, MCA Supreme Council Member, MCA Meeting Council Member, and MCA English Bureau Chief.

He will be facing six other opponents in the coming state election including Ha Cheun Hoo (LDP), Lee Tiang Yong@Lee Chee Ui (PPRS), Loo Mun Yew (Parti Cinta Sabah), Rachel Singh Chal (USNO), Kong Nyuk Thou (PBS) as well as incumbent Hiew Vun Zin (Warisan).-pr/BNN

Chew meets with Kampung Pukat residents during his walkabout on Tuesday