Mount Kinabalu

KOTA KINABALU: Residents of Kota Kinabalu and its surrounding areas were shocked when homes and furniture shook at 9.10pm last night.

Apparently another earthquake at a 5.2-magnitude occurred near Mount Kinabalu in Ranau which was confirmed by a resident in the Kg Kiau Kota Belud area who was in contact with the mountain guides who were with climbers at the mountain.

Although it was not as strong in magnitude as  the 5.9 magnitude that also centered on Mount Kinabalu on June 5, 2015, it still evoked fears of the previous occurrence.

It is believed that  2015 earthquake has been exhausted as no tremours have been recorded for quite a while.

People on the mountain assembling at the helipad-Whatsapp Group

According to information acquired there were 130 climbers at that time, not including their accompanying mountain guides, Sabah Park personnel, Mountain Torque guide and Search and Rescue team who were working there at that time.

As soon as the earthquake occurred, those who were there immediately proceeded to the helipad to await further instructions. They were then told to evacuate the vicinity by the Kinabalu Parks authority.

According to source, there were no injuries reported. The route will be closed to climbers today, March 9.

This earthquake is reminiscent of the 2015 Sabah earthquake that happened in June 5, 2015 with a magnitude of 6.0 and lasted for 30 seconds, believed to be the strongest to affect Malaysia since 1976.

People on the mountain ready to evacuate-Whatsapp Group


Eighteen people died on Mt Kinabalu with most deaths being school children from Singapore. The other 137 other climbers were stranded but were later rescued.-BNN