Mt Kinabalu safe for climbers

Mt Kinabalu
Mt Kinabalu
KOTA KINABALU: There were no major damages at Mt Kinabalu after the  5.2 Ritcher Scale earthquake on March 8.
There were minor damages which has been fixed, according to a statement by the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment Datuk Seri Panglima Masidi Manjun .
“The mountain trail is confirmed to be safe and the accommodation up on the mountain are not affected,” he said.
Datuk Masidi Manjun
According to him, a technical team of 47 members led by Sabah Parks  had completed an  inspection from Timpohon Hut (KM0)  until the Low’s Summit  at KM8.72 earlier.
After a lengthy and in-depth discussion between the relevant parties of the technical team (Sabah Parks, Mountain Guides, MoSAR, Porters, SSL staff and Mt Torq), the team unanimously agreed to advice the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment, to announce that Kinabalu Summit Trail is safe to be used again and all climbing activities will be open to the public tomorrow on 10 March 2018 (Saturday).
Tonight, the Sabah Parks Director Datuk Jamili Nais, together with nine staff members, MoSAR and SSL staff, will stay overnight at Panalaban as an added cautionary measure to ensure the situation is back to normal and safe and the temporary suspension of the mountain climb up Mt Kinabalu can be lifted tomorrow (10 March 2018). -pr/BNN