Re-demarcate Donggongon parking lots

Christopher Toguk Masudal the Special Officer to the Member of Parliament for Penampang.

KOTA KINABALU: A civil activist recently called upon the State Government to re-demarcate the parking lots at Donggongon New Township and other older commercial areas in Penampang such as the HSK Industrial Park.

According to Christopher Toguk Masudal who is also the Special Officer to the Member of Parliament for Penampang,  Darell Leiking, the parking lines all over Donggongon Town are almost gone which has caused drivers to park their vehicles haphazardly.

“I believe there is no plan in the near future by the Local Authority to impose parking fee in Donggongon Town (and other commercial areas in Penampang) after various stakeholders objected ferociously last year to the proposal.”

“Hence, the Government should now consider demarcating the parking lots at Donggongon Town for the convenience of hundreds of motorists who go there,” he said in a statement.

The demarcation exercise should also be extended to other older commercial areas in Penampang that contribute to the Local Authorities’ coffers such as the HSK Industrial Park.

Masudal also said that there is a need for the Government to remind the public that they should not park their vehicles next to fire hydrants.

“Frankly,  I myself would occasionally forget that it is an offense to park next to or block a fire hydrant. Offenders risk a compound of up to RM100 for doing so.”

“If you take a walk around Donggongon Town,  you will notice that almost all of the fire hydrants located next to the parking space are blocked by various types vehicles but how can we blame the motorists for doing so since there is no signage prohibiting or reminding them that is an offence to park there?”

“The point is, if there is a law being enacted in the first place for the benefit of everyone, then the Government’s administrators should take steps to raise awareness so that the public will know about it (law),” he contended.

Masudal also proposed that the State Government fully utilize the RELA by deploying them to the Donggongon Tamu every Thursday and Friday.

“There have been a number of police reports of snatch thieves stealing handphones and elderly women finding out their handbags had been sliced open by pickpockets at the busy Donggongon Tamu so perhaps the presence of RELA there would at least make those who want to commit crimes think twice before doing so.

“The RELA can also help to monitor traffic flow during Tamu day when the congestion is made worse by visitors or traders parking their vehicles by the roadside to unload their goods.

“Their deployment to the Donggongon Tamu would also serve as an opportunity for the RELA members to keep in shape and gain more experience in public security while at the same time create more interest to attact Penampang folks to join that force,” he concluded.-pr/BNN