Chef Yoong, Executive Chef of The Klagan Regency @1Borneo

The Klagan Regency @1Borneo Chef Liu Soon Yoong (forefront) and team

KOTA KINABALU: Chef Liu Soon Yoong has been appointed Executive Chef of The Klagan Regency @1Borneo Kota Kinabalu.

The newly appointed chef said he will be looking into not only serving the best for th establishment but also ensure quality ingredients are used for food from the kitchen.

His appointment hoped to add to the quality of food and flavour from the hotel kitchen for both the banquet and restaurant menu.

Chef Yoong’s 22 years of global culinary experience across various well known hotels and restaurants will be applied fully in providing guests with the most exquisite dining experience in the establishment.

Klagan regency General Manager Narendra Sinniah said that Chef Yoong’s passion towards creating recipes from local traditional food present a new and exciting dining experience for food buffs.

Chef Yoong took part in the World Chinese Culinary Contest in Taipei, the 4th and 5th Malaysian Golden Chef Competitions and the International Young Chef Chinese Culinary Challenge respectively.

He was awarded Excellent Standard of Contribution in The Pan Malaysia Koo Soo Restaurants & Chefs Association and Nestle Food Services.  The ‘hands-on’ training, challenges and journey over two decades of hotel and dining experience in Malaysia, Singapore, Hangzhou, Scotland and Ireland had spurred him on a continuous culinary exploration.-pr/BNN