Sabah UMNO wings must work harder to strengthen party

Hajiji and Masidi with leaders of the Sabah UMNO wings.
KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah Umno’s Wanita, Youth and Puteri new leadership needs to work harder for the party to remain strong, says State UMNO Liaison Chairman Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Hajiji Haji Noor.
He said they need to change their attitude and mindset, self adjusting themselves to being an opposition to the government, considering UMNO is now no longer the integral part of the Federal and State Governments like previously.
According to him, the three movement wings need to make suitable efforts in their respective areas that can help boost the party performance and position.
He said they need to give more focus on attracting more support and participation from among the teenage group in UMNO.
“We can no longer continue doing that self-entertaining form of programmes or activities, which only involves party members, but instead, we must now strive to attract more support from the people, particularly among those professionals and intellectuals,” he said.
 “UMNO welcomes the support and participation of all young professionals, to join us in our struggles for the future betterment of our race, religion and nation. Our door is always opened wide to all those sincere in serving the people,” he added.
The Wanita, Youth and  Puteri movements must also strive to continue on increasing their respective membership and branches throughout the State,so that they would remain strong and relevant in fighting for the rights and interests of the people.
Hajiji, who had just been appointed to take lead of Sabah Umno, said this when addressing at a joint meeting for all Sabah UMNO’s Wanita, Youth and Puteri divisions that was held at the Sabah UMNO Liaison building here today.
Sabah Umno secretary Datuk Seri Panglima Masidi Manjun,the new State UMNO Wanita Assistant Secretary, Hajah Aminah  Haji Johan, new State UMNO Youth Chief Aziz Zulkarnain, and Suzie Hamat, who is the State Puteri UMNO Assistant Secretary, among others, were also present.
Hajiji, who is also Sulaman Assemblyman and Tuaran UMNO Division Chief, also wants the three party wings to continue getting closer and be with young voters in their respective areas as often as possible, as this can help to attract more support from them towards the party.
“We need to continuously working for the people, even though we now in the opposition. Serve sincerely, truthfully and humbly, and not for personal interest or agenda, so the young voters will be attracted to join us all in UMNO, in our struggles,” he said,
The support of young voters, and all those in the youth group towards the Umno struggles is very important now  that the party has reduced its membership enrollment age limit to 16 years old, from 18 years. -By L.S Kuang/BNN