Klagan Regency hosts San Damiano boys to a day of fun

Some of the San Damiano Boys with their artwork, with Klagan General Manager Narendra Sinniah and VOKSFM group

KOTA KINABALU: The Klagan Regency @1Borneo Kota Kinabalu hosted boys from San Damiano Hostel Kiulu to a fun day, under their CSR programme recently.

One group of boys with their painting with Klagan General Manager Narendra Sinniah (back middle) and VOKSFM group

They boys with their accompanying teacher Sir Vincent  initially went on tour of the rooms and facilities. They were later grouped into four where each group showed their artistic prowess by painting on their respective canvas of expression.

After their stint at painting, they were treated to a steam boat lunch at the Hotel restaurant Libaran. After an hour rest they were treated to an Ice kacang challenge where they concoct their own dish and passed them around to be tasted.  They ended the day in the pool.

The educational tour was a collaboration with  VOKFM (Voice of Kinabalu), a local radio
station and NIAG-UCSF (Arts Gallery-University College Sabah Foundation).

San Damiano Boys Hostel, Kiulu is a youth development program by Montfort Youth
Training Centre (MYTC) where they provide residential care to rural area children who faced difficulties going to schools as they lived far away. Some of them are also from impoverished families who depended on the program for their children’s education.-pr/BNN

Some of the boys showing their art work. Behind is the Klagan Regency General Manager Narendra Sinniah with VOKSFM group
Some of the San Damiano boys showing their artwork, with the Klagan Regency General Manager Narendra Sinnah and VOKSFM group