Dead elephant found in Tongod

The dead elephant

A victim of a human-elephant conflict

KOTA KINABALU: A carcass of a female elephant age between 12-15 years old was found Ladang Bintang Emas Property Sdn Bhd, Tongod on August 25.

It was reported to the Sabah Wildlife Department by Tongod District Forest Officer.

Sabah Wildlife Department despatched a team of rangers and veterinary officer to investigate and conduct post mortem on 27th. August.

The carcass was mildly decomposing. It was estimated that it died about a week earlier, according to a statement from Siti Nur’ain of SWD.

The carcass was found to have a round shaped wound at the middle of the temple area which penetrated into the skull.

The right temporal part of the skull was found to have severe bleeding and debris from the impact, most probably from a gunshot. No bullet was found on the body.

Death of the elephant  probably due to neurological damages caused to the brain.-PR/BNN