Activist surprised with UMNO youth defence

Jo Nandu

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Social activist Jo Nandu expressed his surprise over Sabah Umno Youth Chief Aziz Julkarnain’s  defence of Zainnal Ajamain as Sepanggar Warisan Youth had lodged a police report to launch an official investigation against Zainnal.

In a statement released today, he said this showed how easy it was for Zainnal Ajamain to switch his allegiance when no one entertained his demands.

“This shows that all his so called activism, and so called pledge to defend Sabah rights comes with certain requirement and he wants something handsome in return,” he stated adding that the police report made by Wira Warisan clearly showed that the Sabah Govt led by Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal was not practicing abuse of power.

According to him, he had instead left it to the law to  determine whether such acts by Zainnal to ridicule the Chief Minister was credible or not.

“That is no autocratic. And it is only one police report that has been officially filed with the police and already we see who came out to defend Zainnal Ajamain,” he stated.

“As I recalled, in April 15, 2015 when I made a comment against Musa Aman for his lackluster performance as a Chief Minister at that time for failing to renegotiate the Oil Royalty agreement; and out of frustration I posted a comment in my official Facebook. Immediately 12 UMNO Youth Division lodged a police report against me and a month later I was escorted out from my work office by two Officers from Special Branch, two Special Officers from Bukit Aman Multimedia Division, and two other ranking police officers. I remember clearly, the same day I was escorted to Special Branch Karamunsing; it was the day after the kidnapping incident at Ocean King Sandakan,” he elaborated.

“So how can Aziz Julkarnain say the 8-months old Sabah Warisan government is practicing an autocratic attitude? It is only one police report and nobody is demanding Zainnal to be quiet. Compare that to my situation four years ago when 12 UMNO Youth Branch filed a police report and demanded my mouth to be shut tight.”

The Sepanggar Warisan Youth abide by the requirement of the law and only wanted the police to open an investigation, Jo who is also the Senior Special Officer to Terrence A. Siambun said.

He added that this was no abuse of power.

He also said Aziz quoted Datuk Seri Shafie shout out of “Sabah for Sabahan” wrongly. It was “SABAHAN FOR SABAH” which was a more meaningful term.

“Sabahan fighting, delivering, for the love of Sabah. An on regards to Schools repairs allocation; I am quite surprised that both Aziz Julkarnain and Zainnal are not aware that Sabah now has its own Ministry of Education and Innovation and last July 2018, this ministry has announced 20million allocation for Scholarships, repairs and PIBG  support as well as many other related issues.-pr/BNN