A Lotud and tree house in Tuaran

The Lotud House
Salome Dominus

Most people go for a vacation in another country for the climate and to look at the cities or areas most promoted in the tourism brochure of the host country. Generally they would opt for relaxation, some sightseeing and of course shopping, among others.

Some however want to look at historical or interesting monuments and buildings, while others want to know more about the locals, their traditional dwelling place and way of life.

In Sabah, there are many places to go to if one wants to look at traditional houses. One of them is Kg Sawah Tuaran where a traditional Lotud House is sited. The house is built according to the specification of a typical Lotud house. Lotud is an ethnic group in the State, concentrated mainly in Tuaran and Tamparuli.

Salome Dominus spokesperson for establishment shared that the house had been there for a while and it had been visited by many through the years. The house can accommodate up to eight people comfortably as it has a bedroom and loft space for sleeping.

Guests can dress up as a reminder of their visit to the Lotud House

In the olden days the loft is where young unmarried women sleep as a way matter of appropriacy, as well as to avoid improper contacts between the genders.  Sometimes the loft also doubles as storage for mats, containers and paddy.

The Lotud house also showcase a traditional kitchen and related paraphernalia, fish traps and nets as well as farming implements of yore. It is indeed a house worth visiting if one wants to garner more knowledge about the Lotuds.

Around the traditional house surroundings are the office and the inevitable souvenir place. Tourists can purchase items to remind them of the visit. They can also take photos of themselves in traditional garbs for a fee.

According to Salome, guests also have the opportunity to sample traditional food such as hinava (fish in lime juice), bambangan (Mangifera Pajang) and tulod ulod (Averrhoa bilimbi) with anchovies among others.

The tree house

“Groups who wish to dine on traditional food are advised  tell us in advance so we can prepare for them. We serve any number of groups,” she shared, adding that there is also a space for groups to carry out their activities or functions adjacent to the traditional house.

Besides the traditional house, there is also a tree house nearby for visitors to sit down and relax, and have some food if they so wish. It is a beautifully made tree house ‘perched’ on an old hardwood tree.

Photography buffs will have a good time taking shots among the branches.

The Lotud House is an attraction in Tuaran and should be visited by those who come by the area.

“The site is not only a showcase for tourists but also as a place for our youth who have not seen their own traditional house before. In a way, I am keeping our heritage alive,” Salome stressed.

Her motivation is to be commended. More information can be acquired at 0196023211.-ce/BNN