Ban Senator Fraser Anning from entering Malaysia -Sabah UMNO Youth

Naim Moktar


KOTA KINABALU: The statement of Senator Fraser Anning is a form of ‘religio-centrism’ to Islam without molded rational facts.

UMNO Sabah Youth Information Chief Naim Moktar in reference to Senator Fraser Anning (Right-Wing Politician) who classified the ‘Christchurch Mosque Shooting’ tragedy as due to the ‘security dilemma’ stated that there was no such issue between Muslims and other societies.

“He also stated that Islam is a religion that teaches violence fascist. I see that the classification is a form of expression that is barbaric and biased against Islam,” he said.

According to him, historically, Islam migrated to Christchurch in 1850, nearly 169 years ago and in order to develop mutual understanding and strengthen the relationship between Islam and the other communities in New Zealand, Mazhar Krasniqi as well as other Muslims agreed to set up a Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ) in 1979.

“Thus, there is no issue of ‘security dilemma’,’ he stressed.

Political records of Senator Fraser Anning showed that he had proposed a ‘plebiscite’ in August 2018 to reintroduce the ‘Racial and Religious Discrimination in Immigration Policy’, better known as the ‘White Australia Policy’ in particularly to eliminate the Muslim community, Naim stated.

“In fact, he issued a statement which referred to the ‘Final Solution’, a term used by the Nazis during the holocaust tragedy during the World War II. So, who is the true follower of fascism?”

The rude statement made by Senator Fraser Anning regarding the ‘Christchurch Mosque Shooting’ tragedy should not be tolerated, he stated, adding that he  calls on the Malaysian government to ban Senator Fraser Anning from entering Malaysia to symbolise the country’s condemnation of his ‘religio-centrism’ statement.-pr/BNN