Non Sabahan nominated assemblyman, shameful

Terence Tsen

KOTA KINABALU: The nomination of Penang born Lee Eh Eng shows that the present State Government is not focused.

In fact it shows that the ruling party is not adhering to it’s slogan Sabah for Sabahans.

Parti Kerjasama Anak Negeri (PKAN) GeneralTreasurer Terence Tsen said there are many capable Sabahans who is suitable for the position.

He said he is surprised that the ruling party who flogged the slogan Sabah for Sabahans has changed it’s tune.

According to him, grouses in the past have included issues about government senior posts in the State being held by non-Sabahan.

“Now that they are in power and have the ability to enforce their will for changes, they are doing it in a strange way,” he opined.

He stressed that as a ruling party that advocate Sabah for Sabahans, and want Sabahans to prosper they should reconsider the appointment of Loh Ee Eng as assemblyman.-pr/BNN