Mission 100 celebrates Kaamatan Raya

Vasudevan President Mission 100 (standing right) with the celebrants during the event

KOTA KINABALU: Mission 100 celebrated Inaugural Majlis Jamuan Ka’amatan Raya 2019 for Presidents and Chairman of NGOs in Sabah

Mission 100 celebrated its first Majlis Jamuan Ka’amatan Raya yesterday with more than 30 Presidents/Vice Presidents and Chairmen of NGOs in Sabah. The Majlis Jamuan which was held at Le Meridien Hotel, Kota Kinabalu is one of the activities of Mission 100’s Projek Borneo. The main focus of Projek Borneo is to elevate the economy of the people in Sabah and Sarawak.

The objective of the Majlis Jamuan Ka’amatan Raya was to form collaboration between Mission 100 and NGOs in Sabah in order to provide continuous passive income to the NGOs, provide career opportunities as an entrepreneur to the NGOs and their families and learn the art of “Seni Kendiri” through Akademi Jana Usahawan M100M – an art that can help those who practice it achieve their life goals.

President of Mission 100, Mr. S. Vasudevan in his speech shared Mission 100 will “create a platform where the members of these NGOs will be able to generate passive income through its collaboration with the biggest NGO in Malaysia – Maksak Malaysia.” Maksak Malaysia has appointed Mission 100 to market special insurance programme exclusively for all government employees which covers the whole family”.

In addition, Mission 100 will also be collaborating with Universiti Malaysia Sabah and Ministry of Education through the UMS-Mission 100 Professional Financial Consultant Programme which aims to produce graduate entrepreneur and increase the rate of graduates’ employability.

According to the university’s Director of Career Centre and Alumni, Associate Professor Dr. Lai Yew Meng, the programme which is expected to kick-off in September this year will be a high-impact fast-track career development program where 200 graduates will go through a series of 6-level training within a month. This programme will equip the graduates with skills and knowledge to generate income upon successful completion of the training.

Through these collaborations, more career opportunities for the people in Sabah particularly the youths will be created.

Towards the end of the event, there was a cake cutting ceremony in conjunction with Father’s Day to honour all the fathers who attended the event.

Information on their  mission can Hjhbe acquired from Datuk Aminah Ambrose at 0198801555.-pr/BNN