Millions of tourists flock to Island destinations all over the world and this goes for Sabah too as there are many beautiful islands here to go to. At the island, one can enjoy the breeze, the relaxed atmosphere and sea, sand and sun.


Holiday makers go to the sea, to watch marine life by snorkeling or diving. Sit on the sand to enjoy the tranquility of the sea before one and the blue sky above. Bask in the sun and get that suntan or walk on the sandy beach well protected from the sun with a floppy hat or sunblock.

One of the best place to experience nature at its best is the Sepanggar Island just 15 minutes boat ride away from the State Capital, Kota Kinabalu. The boat ride is part of the experience, as one can enjoy the smell of the sea as the contraption sails over the water.


Reaching the island and the Mari Mari Sepanggar Island Resort is truly an experience, as guests will actually feel the lazy ‘holiday’ feeling embrace them.

This island resort comprises of six rooms, two dorms and 11 chalets on the hillside. The rooms are simply furnished but quite comfortable. Two of the front rooms have a good ocean view and one can see the city from afar. At night the lights are so beautiful in the horizon.

One of the hillside chalets

Sitting on the balcony of the room in the evening is such a relaxed experience especially when the sea breeze blows gently.

As for the chalets, they are sited up the hill, with plank steps meandering from one to the other in a rustic way. Guests who opt to stay in the chalets will have a tremendously enjoyable experience as they can enjoy the sight of the ocean before them, while being serenaded by the forest populace. This is especially true in the evenings and nights.


However, there are night activities for those who don’t want to turn in too early. There is night snorkeling where guests can hope to sight pretty fish or they can dive for a deeper experience.

Of course they can do this during the day too. And to boot that they can participate in sea walking, kayaking and ride a banana boat. Children can play on the sand at a designated area where they are supervised by adults. There are many activities there that can be of tremendous interest.

Guests are advised to speak to the person in-charge of all these activities.

Wesley Yongoi the lodge manager shares that guests can opt to stay the night or for as long as they want or come for a day trip. For those who stay overnight, they can arrange their meals with him.  Lunch is usually buffet, but dinner is ala carte, unless there is a big group.

Sumptuous dinner

As for the food served, it is usually fusion food, but mostly Malaysian food. The Tom Yam soup is delicious and the fried noodles are sumptuous. There are other absolutely delicious foods on the menu, so staying there for several days will be absolutely alright where food is concerned.

This island is absolutely a must-go, so holiday-makers who wish to visit the place for weekend or two can book through their Sales and Marketing Manager Charles Kok 016 443 6367. –av/BNN

A place for children to enjoy