MELAKA: There’s a new tea brand in town and it’s about to be a
massive hit! R&B 巡茶 Tea one of Taiwan’s leading tea franchises has finally reached the shores of neighbouring Malaysia, with the first of its franchise in the country opened in the Mahkota Parade Shopping Centre.

Despite the slew of boba and fruit tea establishments sprouting all over Malaysia of late, the owners of R&B 巡茶 Tea Malaysia are confident that R&B is unique, with a special edge that sets itself apart from its competitors in the market.

A joint-venture establishment between R&B and another famed R&B brand, Koufu, R&B 巡 茶 Malaysia showcases a special tea concept that utilizes fresh fruit juices and other all- natural components in order to create different tea varieties, ranging from healthy fruit tea to the wildly popular Taiwanese-style milk tea with multiple flavours, such as the Brown Sugar, Macchiateas, Cheese Tea and the Yogurt series.

The franchise brand offers more than 30 tea-based concoctions, including signature favourites like the Brown Sugar Boba Tea series.
Aimed at consumers of all ages, R&B 巡茶 Tea emphasizes on delivering tea that are made of only the best quality tea leaves and fruits that are superior in taste. The owners of R&B 巡
茶 Tea also want to shed light on the health benefits of drinking tea.

Using imported high quality tea leaves from Taiwan, Sri Lanka and Fujian; the R&B 巡茶 Tea Malaysia hopes to be able to spread their love for the tea culture all over the world, starting with Malacca.

Why R&B 巡茶 Tea?

The story of R&B 巡茶 Tea’s founding dates back to 2005 when Bruce, the founder of R&B 巡茶 Tea, was working as an IT personnel in Suzhou, China.

The environment Bruce had worked in was highly stressful and demanding, hence, it made him think often of the comfort food and drink that he used to enjoy back home in Taiwan.

However, much to his chagrin, Bruce soon realized that it wasn’t easy to satisfy his cravings, as there weren’t many choices of high-quality milk tea drinks available in Suzhou where he worked and resided.

Seeing the opportunity to create a supply for a growing demand for great-tasting Taiwan- style milk tea, Bruce eventually took the plunge and founded R&B 巡茶 Tea.

In addition to R&B巡茶 Tea, Bruce also went on to establish other businesses, such as Koufu, Cookhouse by Koufu, Fork & Spoon, Gourmet Paradise and several other R&B brands. One of Bruce’s most successful ventures, Koufu, is actually named after the
Chinese concept and belief that it is good fortune to be able to enjoy good food and drink.

What to try on your first R&B 巡茶 Tea visit?

Wondering what to have on your first visit? You can’t go wrong with selections like, the Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cheese Brulee (老虎出巡), Brown Sugar Boba Milk (青蛙撞奶), Mighty Luffy (霸气路飞), Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Pearls (黑眼豆豆) and the Roasted
Oolong with Tea Cream (碳焙乌茶盖).

About R&B 巡茶 Tea

A tea drink brand that originates from Taiwan, R&B 巡茶 Tea sets itself apart from the rest of the ‘boba’ crowd with its use of all-natural ingredients and the best oolong tea leaves from Taiwan. The brand also boasts its own unique brown sugar recipe and prides itself as the only tea joint that offers tea cream. There is also an inexhaustible variety of drinks to choose from on the menu — from fruit tea and premium signature tea series, to the famed milk tea
series that are available in decaffeinated options, both hot and cold. R&B 巡茶 Tea seeks to spread the latest tea trends from Taiwan to the rest of the world. In the future, R&B 巡茶 Tea is looking into creating franchising opportunities in Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines and Macau.

About Koufu;

“Koufu” refers to the Chinese belief that it is one’s good fortune to feast on good food. Since establishment in 2002, they have held to the same belief. To bring forth ‘Koufu’ to everyone, and make it their mission to provide good food and services for everyone to enjoy; through deep roots in traditional Singaporean cooking and in true coffee shop tradition, adopted in a comprehensive approach to provide good fortunes for generations of loyal customers.

Koufu’s logo represents the company’s commitment to making a difference to the well being of everyone through its food services. Sweeping calligraphic brush strokes depict the Chinese character for the word “mouth”, linking the logo to the food business and the
company’s emphasis on treasuring traditions.

In contrast to the bold monolithic Chinese character is the Hanyu Pinyin representation of the name underneath. It conveys the youthfulness and friendliness of the business. This juxtaposition between the traditional and the modern demonstrates

Koufu’s drive to stay competitive while preserving traditions. The Chinese phrase for Koufu reinforces this ideology. The colour of the logo conveys the passion Koufu has for the business and also the strength acquired by ensuring excellence from which prosperity will
come. This positive spirit extends from the logo to the food and services.-pr/BNN