KIMANIS: Sabah Barisan Nasional /UMNO Youth are protesting against misdemeanors by Warisan members during the by-election campaign.

UMNO Sabah Youth Chief Aziz Julkarnain in a press conference today said Warisan had gone against many election law throughout the campaign.

He said a video that went viral showed that in Kg Pimping, Warisan supporters had taken down BN campaign materials allegedly watched by the Infrastructure Development Minister Datuk Peter Anthony and Sukau Assemblyman Datuk Saddi Abdul Rahman

He said the Government should uphold the law and show a good example to the people but had instead acted like thugs.

“I think of them as criminals as they have gone against the Election Act, Section 4A,” he stressed.

“On January 11, in Kg Lingan Kabang it was found that they have given out food and gifts to supporters which is against the Election Act Section 8. We have photos and videos of this,” he said adding that he also disagreed with the Election Commission (EC) use of video cameras at all polling channels during the polling for Kimanis parliamentary by-election on Jan 18.

The presence of these cameras might scare voters to vote against their will especially those who were poor or need assistance from the Government, he stressed adding that the Government should not be bias in according assistance to the people. They should be accorded assistance whether or not they were party supporters.

He stressed that placing the video cameras was undemocratic as they would scare people to vote for the government.

On another note, he also said Peter Anthony incited religious and racial disharmony through his speech about the police report on a Christmas gathering, recently.

He explained that the police report was made not because it was a Christmas party but that it was held during the election campaign period where no gifts should be given to potential voters.

“We also held a Christmas gathering but not during the campaign period,” he stressed, adding that they should not give gifts, hold lucky draws and food to voters during the campaign period as those were considered bribes.

He expressed his hope that the Police and EC would look into all these misdemeanors and act against it and not against those who tried to report these misdeeds.

He alleged that no action was taken concerning the reports they made.

“We have to remember that the Kimanis parliamentary by-election is held due to EC’s misconduct. We don’t want to repeat that,” he said.

The polling day for Kimanis parliamentary by-election will be held on Jan 18.

BN candidate Datuk Mohammad Alamin will be pitting his popularity with veteran politician Datuk Karim Bujang of Warisan.-BNN

UMNO Sabah Youth Chief Aziz Julkarnain (seated middle) during the press conference