KOTA KINABALU: The State Cabinet and the party she represents don’t have the moral authority to talk about corruption with Datuk Christina Liew remaining in the State Cabinet.

In a press statement released today Datuk James Ligunjang the former State Assemblyman of Petagas said the  High Court in 2014 had found her and two others liable in the RM557 million damages claim for inducing a breach of contract involving the 819 smallholders with Sawit Kinabalu Sdn Bhd.

The amount of damages imposed on her is a colossal amount running into hundreds of million of ringgit and therefore within the ambit of the law to be suspended or be sacked from the Cabinet, he said.

“Maintaining her in the Cabinet will portray a very bad image of the State Government and the Chief Minister as if the Chief Minister and the entire cabinet is condoning her alleged malpractice in the land deal,” he stated.

He added, “The State Cabinet has lost its moral fibre to talk about corruption and the stationing of a MACC officer in the Chief Minister’s Department is an embarrassment who can’t see the elephant in the Cabinet room.”

Datuk Christina Liew must either resign or be sacked from the State Cabinet, he opined.- pr/BNN