Trying to keep fit can be a fight especially if the gym is a  distance away from where you live. Lethargy can set in and afterwards you just don’t feel like going anymore and you comfort yourself with a walk in park instead.
Worry no more, you can have your own personal trainer who will pay you a visit when you want them to. Its easier and you won’t miss your fitness regime.
Coach Nadea Leong is a personal trainer qualified to coach you in order to achieve a desired level of fitness. She is skilled in ensuring that you keep to your regime and carry out the right exercise.
She is a certified instructor for C and B, which is level two in national coaching. She has worked as an assistant coach at Black Mamba Muay Thai fight, under the Malaysian Muay Thai Association which is under the purview of the National Sports Council. She trained for three years before acquiring her present level of skills.
She will train clients for three hours of their designated time and day, and will service clients in their homes withing Kota Kinabalu area of Penampang, Putatan, Likas and Kingfisher Park area.
” I accord personal training for Muay Thai one on one , including kick boxing. I also accord abs and booty as well as general fitness. I charge RM65 per person per session. However I recommend a package of RM515 for eight sessions or RM320 for 5 sessions,” she states.
The training she gives are for weight control, self defense and general fitness.
For those who wants to train in a group, she recommend that they find their group of four or five for group motivation. Don’t hesitate to call her at 017 8667724 for more information.-BNN