KOTA KINABALU: Claims of assemblymen in the Warisan led government being offered millions to defect is nothing more than a blatant lie to discredit Its nemesis.

The authorities namely the MACC should call those assemblymen who made such outrageous claims to determine the authenticity of their allegation.

Kiulu State Assemblyman Datuk Joniston Bangkuai in a statement said the fact that they chose to go to the media instead of reporting the so-called multi million offer to the authorities smacked of ulterior motive.

Warisan leaders need to stop all the drama and the holier than thou attitude in rejecting so-called offers in the millions, he said.

“The people are not that foolish to buy their fictional political rhetoric on “I am not for sale”.”

Several elected representatives in the Warisan-led government have claimed they were approached by so-called agents offering millions of ringgit to entice them to defect, he added.

Among them were State minister and Sindumin Assemblyman Dr Yusof Yaacob who claimed to have been offered an outrageous ammount of RM50 million.

‘Your government was formed by elected representatives who jumped for reasons only best known to them,” Joniston who is also PBS Information Chief stressed.

Warisan president Shafie Apdal also ought to be reminded that Barisan Nasional assemblymen who joined his party did so because of the change of government at the Federal level after GE14, he opined.

Hence, he said Shafie should understand that the need for a state government that is on the same page with Putrajaya was what prompted the possibility of assemblymen ditching the Warisan-led government.

“Sabah and the people would be the ultimate loser if the state is administered by leaders who are at odds with Federal leaders. It appears that Warisan and its coalition partners in Sabah are more focused on ousting the Federal Government than developing the state. ”

Common knowledge that many assemblymen are disillusioned with Warisan for its failure to develop the state. If there is a move to change the state government, it is due to an incompetent government that is more focused on politicking than administrating and developing the State, he elaborated.

“Therefore, there is no point talking about getting huge development allocations or even getting major investments if the delivery system is not functioning. Warisan leaders are living in a bubble thinking they are doing a great job at running the state when in fact nothing is moving.”

According to him, Sabahans are fed up with all sort of billion dollar investment announcements that have yet to materialised. -pr/BNN