KOTA KINABALU:A Warisan minister’s allegation of being offered a RM50 million bribe is eerily similar to another lie by another Warisan leader, called Junz Wong, who had told the vicious lie that that I was bribed by (the then Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Razak) before the 2013 general elections. The figure mentioned was also RM50 million.

*Old habits die hard*

The false and ludicrous accusation of the Moyog and Kapayan YBs that they have been visited by sons of prominent politicians at 5am in the morning reminds me of false and ridiculous rumours that I had used a taxi to cart away RM50 million cash.

Junz Wong had to apologise and withdraw his lies after I sued him. However, the damage has been done to me. It seems that their old habits die hard. Such vicious lies of millions in bribery are being circulated for the same political purpose to kill other innocent persons. I know because I was a victim of these lies.

All the accounts of Najib have been confiscated, his places searched, and his accounts checked by the Pakatan/Warisan government over the last two years. During the entire period, Warisan leaders occupy powerful posts at the Ministries of Law and Home Affairs. Not only is there nothing to show the flow of any ringgit to me but also that at least one of the Warisan leaders were in receipt of a few million ringgits when they were still with BN.

The alleged offers of Deputy Chief Ministerships could be another form of hallucination which had similarly affected the Parti Warisan President who declared that he was offered the post of Deputy Prime Minister by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin.
After the PM denied the offer of DPM to Shafie, none of the Warisan leaders dared to whisper a response.

The YBs who splash around of allegations of tens of millions being offered to them by unnamed persons will eventually have to be responsible for their words. It is like the Chief Minister making announcements of tens of billions of ringgit of developments here and there but there is no project to be seen. Eventually, people will ask where have the billions of ringgits gone to?.-

Datuk Yong Teck Lee
SAPP President


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