Banggi disqualified in Beauty Pageant

The crowned queen (left) and the actual winner
The crowned queen (left) and the actual winner

KOTA KINABALU: Banggi will not be represented in the State Level Unduk Ngadau Pageant as its representatives have been disqualified.

Chairperson of the State Level Harvest Festival Beauty Pageant Joanna Kitingan said there were discrepancies and disputes by the actual winner of the beauty pageant there and the crowned winner.

It seemed that the wrong contestant was crowned District Unduk Ngadau as the emcee of the evening was inebriated. The second runner up was announced as the winner instead of the actual winner.  Due to dissatisfactions, a police report was lodged by the complainant.

Joanna said she had since met with the Unduk Ngadau coordinator for Banggi, the parent and relatives of the two queens with her deputy chairperson.

She stressed that the judges’ decisions for that beauty contest had been stated but it was announced wrongly by the emcee.

The result of the Banggi Unduk Ngadau

“We understand how the crowned winner feels but can’t accept her representation knowing that the problem has not been resolved. The crowned winner is actually third. How about the one placed second?”

“I feel for the crowned Unduk Ngadau, all dressed up and had hoped so much to be a part of the State Level unduk Ngadau Pageant but the real winner also hoped for the same thing.”

Joanna stressed that the District Coordinators must be conscientious and carry out their responsibility well.

“If your emcee is drunk, get the head judge to announce the winners,” she said, adding that any disputes in the district level should be solved there and not at the state level.

“It’s better to correct mistakes at the district level, not at the State level.”

According to record, the winner was Erlastini Ernie Bid, first runner up Nuryless Joe Lobit and second runner up was Lusilah Retini Lim.-CE/BNN