Runway traditional food for festive season

Ramadhan promotion
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RUNAWAY Café, Tanjung Aru will be serving traditional food for the Harvest Festival during the month of May.

Diners will have a choice of either hinava, basung or fried chicken served with sup ayam halia, bambangan, tuhau, pakis belacan, telur masin, plain rice and rose syrup.

The Ramadan Set are a choice of ayam goreng or ayam masak merah served with kurma, telur masin, pakis, tempe, timun acar, plain rice, papadom and rose syrup.

Both set menu priced at RM16+ FOR JD member and RM19+ for non-member.Information can be acquired from Runway Café at 088 218084 or 219084.-pr/BNN

Ramadhan promotion